Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still Contemplating the High Priestess

One of the first things Colleen helped me with was getting in touch with my guides. It was so difficult because I felt I wasn’t getting messages or information from them. I could sense they were there, but I didn’t know how to communicate with them. I received no visual images (at least none I could make sense of) and no audio messages. Colleen suggested I try writing. Through the written and typed word I was finally able to communicate. It wasn’t easy, but it was there. Another technique Colleen suggested that helped was selecting a tarot card and using that as an entry point, once again using writing as the communicative medium.

I discovered I was able to communicate with more than just my guides via writing. I was also able to get messages from spirits who had things left unsaid that they wanted to tell me. I was fascinated by the different personalities that would pop “into my head” (or my pen) to tell me their tale. They were usually pretty brief.

Around that time I met Sarah. She is a spirit who I believe had been hovering around me for a long time, trying to communicate. I felt her there and sensed a bit of the tragedy of her story, but no details. Through journaling she told me her heart-breaking story. I edited it and turned it into a short story that I’d like to try to publish one day.

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