Friday, April 30, 2010

The High Priestess speaks

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. But I’ve wanted a stable income
even more, so I kept it as a hobby. Perhaps I didn’t believe I was
good enough to really make it as a writer. Still, there was a steady
image in the back of my mind since my teens that I would one day be a
writer, when my kids were grown and less dependent on me.

While pursuing my doctorate, I was under the most stress ever in my
life. Between work, school and family, I barely had time to breathe
(no wonder my asthma got worse!). I spent a lot of time at my local
library in those days. It was a temple of sorts to me. The building
itself is beautiful—like a stately mansion in an old English novel. I
love the vaulted ceilings, beautiful wood paneling and moldings.

Every once in a while I’d take a break from my studies and devour
Writer’s Digest and The Writer magazines. Though I had no time for it,
I would find myself in the “how to write” stacks. Kundalini Yoga
helped me deal with the stress, but Plotting and working on my still
unfinished novel kept my spirit alive in those days. One of the books
I happened to get off the library shelves was Colleen Rae’s Movies in
the Mind
, a “how to” book for writing short stories. I must have
borrowed that small volume several times before I finally bought my
own (it’s unfortunately out of print). It was supposed to be the first
in a series of writing books by the author.

That was an exceptionally busy and stressful time in my life. I had
plans and seeds were planted that would one to be ready for action. I
never finished the novel but I have it all researched and plotted out
and have some lovely excerpts.

We’re now coming toward the end of the history and this blog will soon
move into the active present. A couple of years ago I decided to work
on finishing the unfinished novel. Again I went to the library to
scour the “how to” books for inspiration. I came across Colleen Rae’s
book again and it occurred to me that more than enough time has passed
since it was published (2000) and her second one should be out by now.
I checked Amazon. Nada. For some reason it bothered me and I decided
to look her up. She must have been doing *something* with her time if
she wasn’t publishing books for would-be authors.

I finally found her at Wouldn’t it figure that
what Colleen Rae has been up to was focusing on using her psychic
abilities to train other psychics. I took it as a sign from the
universe that it was time for me to work more actively on my psychic
and spiritual development.

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